Metropolis at Metrotown Project Goals

1. Create a 24-hour downtown

2. Create an exciting place to live & visit

3. Create a welcoming place to all ages and backgrounds

4. Create a world class example of economic, social, & environmental resilience

5. Design a sustainable downtown of the future for burnaby that takes into consideration a constantly changing economic, social, educational, residential, & environmental fabric

6. Design roads for both sustainable & safe transportation and to create permeable communities for pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods

7. Design a downtown with green pathways and allow for diversity of public spaces; recreation, work spaces, & living spaces

8. Integrate and plan for technology to allow the creation of the downtown of the future

9. Create opportunities to enhance the urban habitat through effective use of landscape and building design

10. Reduce energy usage by developing local, decentralized sources of renewable energy supply and minimize embodied energy of construction materials

11. Create a town-center full of activity and vigor

12. Create an urban ecosystem that balances economic & cultural activities, sustainable design and urban living. Everything one needs to live, work, play and shop to be in a 10 minute walking radius

13. Be the urban centre that rivals Vancouver. Be something totally unique. (Metrotown is a centre… Vancouver is an urban edge.)

14. Metrotown is to be a template for future city building and flexibility in urban growth. A timeless sense of place