Metrotown transformed from 1938 to present

Kingsway was historically used as a walking trail, linking what we know now as New Westminster/Fraser River and Vancouver/False Creek/English Bay. Once colonial settlers started to roll in, they used it as a wagon road, again, linking New West, Vancouver and Burnaby. The wagon road was eventually paved over, and it became Kingsway.

In 1938, the area where Metrotown Mall presently sits was home to a Ford Auto Plant. After World War II, it was acquired by Electrolier. In 1948 Kelly-Douglas constructed a massive food processing facility directly east of the Electrolier plant. And in 1954, the Robert Simpson Company (Sears) Ltd. acquired a parcel of land to the east of Kelly-Douglas.

After Metrotown: A Development Plan was released in 1977, the site began the development of what it would become Metrotown. Two malls were created and in 1998, a second-storey hallway was constructed to connect both malls. In 2002, Ivanhoe Cambridge acquired the retail centre and a comprehensive interior renovation was completed.